Founded by Bobby Patel in 2012, Appy Food & Drinks is a London based multi-award winning FMCG company. Their ultimate goal is Healthier Generations, and the company is on a mission to help people having better choices by making healthier products that are accessible to everyone.

Appy Food & Drinks is split up into two main brands, namely Appy Kids Co and Go Life, both with distinct product lines but with the common function of encouraging all generations to participate in a guilt-free lifestyle.


Bobby Patel is ready to take the project to a new echelon and is seeking investment to continue the business’ global expansion. The company’s plan will help to build on their financial achievements to date to create new revenues, and increase value for any prospective investor.


The founder believes that the company is powered by talent, not people, and he has invested heavily himself because he trusts in his team’s capabilities and brands’ offerings. Appy Food & Drinks’ turnover has increased from £350K to over £1.4M in just two years, with a profit increase of 35%. Their estimated turnover for 2017 is £5.4M and £7.2M in 2018.


With a focus on growing their brands’ product portfolio, penetrating new markets, and increasing their people-power to support new processes, Bobby is confident that their three year plan detailed below is achievable.


Appy Food & Drinks now invites you to join them and be a part of their award winning family to share in future successes, and be rewarded not only financially but with a healthy vibrant Appy team too.


Appy Food and Drinks financial growth illustration

Driven by our portfolio of wellbeing brands, our products are now sold in numerous retailers across 27+ countries, including major retailers across the UK.


We are growing rapidly; in fact we have been able to amass an increase of 83.5% in sales, and 30.6% in profit this year alone.


Appy is fast becoming a globally respected brand with an impressive sales increase of 463% since 2014.


Appy Food & Drinks is passionate about helping like-minded companies through our private label service. We have worked with every aspect of the production chain, from ingredient suppliers to packaging experts, building great relations and gaining knowledge along the way.


We have experience in tweaking briefs and formulas to perfection, optimising taste, adjusting costs, and adding health benefits to products. We are excited to utilise our expertise to benefit other companies through our services:


We lower sugar in your products, whilst keeping it all natural.


We audit each and every ingredient supplier we use, to ensure they meet Appy standards.


We work with industry leaders that supply the best in food technology to take care of all your food production needs.


We not only create your mouthwatering products, we also make them look great.

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United Kingdom


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